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"I’ve started working with Mat since the beginning of the new year and to say he’s been a tremendous help is an understatement. I live in NY and he constantly texts me, FaceTimes me, etc asking if I need help on something I don’t understand or how to use a certain machine. It’s nice when you can go to a person and seek help and him be right their to assist you on whatever it may be. I would not hesitate on getting help from him and I am glad I met him because he has changed my life and the way I look at things. Just wants the best for you and his inspiration is like no other . "

Dominik Edison
Cecil Cain

"Mat provided top quality services to ensure my progression was the best it could be. Prompt responses to any questions, comments, or concerns I may have had. I always appreciate his willingness to go the extra mile for clients; and even more so, his attention to detail and ability to make corrective actions during exercises has helped keep me healthy while gaining strength. With constant updates to my meal/workout plans it’s always working towards to next step while remaining consistent with the core lessons learned during each session."​

Otis Horne
Jo Goodwin

"Training with Mat has changed my life for the better. I have always been relatively active but packed on some weight that I couldn't shake after college. Mat is extremely attentive and dedicated to work with you to mock up a workout routine geared specifically towards you and your body type. His passion for fitness and health is infectious, and he really drives you to make a lifestyle change that works best for YOU. He helps you navigate what food works for you, and those that don't. He's a little pushy at times but I'm sure everyone can agree that sometimes we need that little bit of push to get us motivated to make a change. Mat doesn’t let you get down on yourself, he's always in your corner pushing you to become your best self. He's motivating, positive and understanding of where you are that day and is always pushing you to be better the next. I highly recommend Mat to anyone who is looking to get into better shape physically and mentally because Mat won’t treat you as just a client, He will treat you as a friend and make you laugh a ton while you're getting into the best shape of your life. If you're looking to make a positive change in your life Mat is your guy! "

Gene Cabrera
Wilbert Day

"As someone who has struggled with consistency and discipline in both the kitchen and gym, Mat has been the key factor in keeping me on track to reach my fitness goals. He radiates positive energy and is a great motivator which helps me push for that extra rep, or make it a priority to get meals prepared for the week. He preaches about consistency and he is absolutely right. Consistency is dangerous, and what is absolutely needed to achieve your goals. Since I’ve started training with Mat, I have not only become stronger - but I feel so much better on a daily basis with more natural energy. I have become more confident in all aspects of my life because of the results I have achieved through this program. Mat will take the time to mold a plan that is specific to you and your body type/goals and if you stay on track, I can assure you that he will exceed your expectations. He makes it a fun and easy process and will bring out the best you. We are only given one body! Teaming up with Mat is an investment that is priceless when it comes to your long-term health & wellness. Highly recommend!"

Vinny Amorelli
Corey Ramirez
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